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Picnic Benches for Hire | FAQ

Is there a minimum quantity of picnic benches I can hire? Yes there is a minimum order quantity of 20 units, however this depends on the hire location

Is there a maximum quantity of picnic benches I can hire? There is no maximum order quantity due to stock levels being in excess of 700 Picnic Benches

Can the picnic benches be delivered? Delivery costed using our own fleet of vehicles

How long can I hire picnic benches for? Long term hires available with 50 % discount per week after first weeks hire

Are the picnic benches available to buy? Yes currently we have new stock of Picnic Benches available to buy

Can you deliver the picnic benches nationwide? In 2020 picnic bench deliveries were made from Brighton to Edinburgh. We deliver our picnic benches nationwide.

picnic benches for hire set up
If you have any further questions about the hire of our picnic benches, please contact us below

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Minimum order quantity: 20 Picnic Benches


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